How to Transfer Money from PayPal to Chime A Full Guide

PayPal is the most popular online money sending and receiving account. But PayPal is not available in many countries. Nowadays, people are interested in using a chime account to transfer money. It is easy to transfer money without sustaining fees like other money-moving mediums.

This is also the leading interest for many people to use Chime. The chime bank account doesn’t require money to open an account and has automated saving features with great facilitate payment features.

Therefore, it is handy to transfer money from PayPal to chime. Some simple steps need to follow to move money from PayPal to chime.

Why Choose Chime Instead of PayPal?

Chime is a pretty easy e-wallet and online money bank account alternative to a traditional bank account in these business days. The chime bank account is a fast-rising online bank account and is popular among millennials to use.

Also, Chime doesn’t require fees to move money or money transfer like other mobile banking and lets you transfer money from Chime to PayPal. However, people also get annoyed with the recurring costs of a traditional or online bank account. Thus, people transfer money from PayPal to chime.

Can I Send Money From PayPal to Chime Account?

Of course, you can transfer money from PayPal to chime with a simple procedure. All you need to have both PayPal and a chime account. Through link-up between chime and PayPal accounts, you can transfer money anytime.

Does a Chime Account Work With PayPal?

Yes, Chime definitely works with the PayPal account. It is easy to deposit money directly by just providing a chime account number and routing number. First, you need to collect your account number and routing number from your chime bank app.

You will find all information under ‘settings,’ where you will see the ‘move money’ section. Then write down the account and routing number.

How to Send Money from PayPal to Chime

PayPal is an easy money transfer online banking for both sending and receiving money. But for withdrawal money, PayPal takes a little bit more time than Chime. It is possible to send PayPal to chime cash if the bank account number and routing number of the Chime are added to the account needing to move money.

It is essential to give required information to the PayPal app to transfer money to chime. All information regarding account number and routing number is in the chime banking app. First of all, to collect the chime account number and routing number, open the chime app. Then need to select the Move money option.

Now, check the account number, routing number, and checking account number. It is better to write down these numbers for double-checking. These numbers will need to move money in the chime account.

Here are some steps to transfer money from PayPal to chime (if you have a PayPal account).

Get Chime Account and Routing Numbers

If you are going to send money from your Chime account, first of all, collect chime account numbers and routing numbers so that you can transfer money using the account and routing number. Open the chime app, then need to select the move money option.

Now, check the account number, routing number, and other information. It is better to write down these numbers for double-checking. These numbers will need to move money into a chime account.

Link Chime Account to PayPal Account as The Bank

It is essential to link your bank account to a PayPal account. First, open the PayPal app, and there, you will see the ‘Pay & Get Paid’ menu on the upper side. Next, click and see the ‘Wallet’ menu. Under the ‘Wallet’ menu, there is ‘Bank accounts and cards.’

In this section, you will get details of money statements, linked-up bank, and cards information. Now click the ‘Bank’ option and add the new account. As there is no chime bank option on the PayPal website yet, you need to add extra information.

You may need to type what kind of bank chime is and its account number. Then add the account number and routing number of the chime account. Finally, click the ‘Agree and Add’ term to fulfill the process and link PayPal to a chime account to transfer money. Now, you will be able to add money to chime from PayPal.

Transfer Money and Check

After all these processes, you can transfer money without any inconvenience. To make sure everything goes well, transfer a small amount from PayPal to the chime account. It will help to make sure that no one has access to your account.

But it is essential to have both accounts for making transfer money from PayPal to chime. Else, it is impossible to transfer money between PayPal and Chime.

Does PayPal Accept Chime?

PayPal doesn’t accept Chime as it is a fee-free mobile banking app launched under Bancorp or national central bank. Therefore, you can’t directly add a chime account with a PayPal account. That is why in the PayPal website or App, the Chime is added as an ‘Other’ bank option as it is considered a pre-paid card.

Thus, you can transfer funds from PayPal to chime. Another way to transfer money is using the PayPal app or website to send or move money in chime bank or another bank account.

Transfer Money Using The PayPal App

First, you need to download PayPal App on your mobile and login into your account. Then select ‘send money and enter the receiver’s name, email address, or phone number in the required box. Then click to ‘continue’ and select send now. Thus, you can send or transfer money from PayPal App.

Transfer Money on PayPal’s Website

On the PayPal website, first, you need to add Chime as a Bank. Login to the PayPal website. Then choose ‘settings’ and select the money ‘banks and cards’ section. Now, open the bank option and select the new bank. Give chime bank account number and routing number.

Transfer Money or Funds from PayPal App

Open the PayPal website and login into your account. Now click on PayPal’ balance’ and select ‘add’ money. Click chime bank account and add funds. First, transfer small fun through the PayPal app for security checks. Make sure there is no mistake in doing any process. Then move the amount you need to communicate through the click continues to share option.

Instant Transfer Money to Chime from PayPal

It is not feasible to transfer money from PayPal to chime instantly through a checking account. You will need to link up both accounts first. First, you need to select move money. Then add bank account number and routing number in PayPal’ bank and card’ option. Then you can able to transfer money to chime by selecting the ‘Transfer’ section.

How Does Chime Work?

Chime account offers a checking account, saving account, and debit card with a simple sign-up process. People can use the chime app to purchase online and offline shopping for payment as all deposit money goes to a checking account initially. Transfer money from PayPal to chime doesn’t require any extra charge. Also, people can transfer money to chime from other mobile banking.

Features of Chime

The Center of the attraction in Chime is the spot-Me facility. It provides a chime member to cover up extra expenses that overdraw the account and not take overdraft fees. It is essential to deposit that overdraw money in a checking account to enjoy spotMe service continuously.

This is a non-fee service, and all chime member is eligible to get this service. The overdraw money limit is $200 but can get a higher limit based on people’s history, spending activity, direct deposit limit. This service is limited to cash withdrawals or chimes debit card purchases only.

People can withdraw money fast with Chime, but PayPal takes more time to start money. That’s why people nowadays prefer to transfer money from PayPal to chime. Chime provides top-notch service with the best interest rate of 0.50%, which is pretty much more interest than other mobile banking providing rates.

Chimes don’t require an extra procedure to deposit money in a checking account. People can directly deposit money in checking accounts up to $500. There is a paper check facility in the chime app to pay bills or send to anyone, and it is free of cost. It is easy to withdraw money with a chime from ATM, and also no need for an extra charge to withdraw money.

Chime does not require foreign transaction fees, and it is excellent for people to pay bills who travel in other countries. An automatic deposit system is suitable for a paycheck rather than a traditional bank system as chime members can get a little early compensation. People can quickly transfer money using account and routing numbers through the chime app.

Opening A Chime Account

Opening a new online bank account always raise a question regarding its security and recurring fees. This concern is legit to new members as nowadays much online banking transactions cost hidden fees, and it is not suitable for many people. For your information, the Chime is free-fee online mobile banking and easy to use. Here are some simple steps to open up a new account on Chime.

Spending Account

You need to open a spending account on chime bank and need to share some information. First, type your first and last name and give a social security number (SNN). Then give your email and a password.

This information is to check whether there is any money laundering or fraud identity involve or not. After verifying your data, your new bank account is ready. Most important, you need to be 18 or above to open a bank account on chime bank.

Download The Chime App on Your Mobile

It is an online free bank account and a mobile banking app, and you can download the chime online bank app from the Apple Store or Google Play store for free. Well, you can choose both a deposit account and a spending account.

If you already have a spending account, it includes the balance checkout section, transaction section, and deposit money section. Also, you can use a free debit card for online purchases or payment purposes.

Is Chime Safe for Money Transfer or Savings?

Chime is safe and offers to become partners with two banks for both spending account and saving account. It’s not like other regular ordinary online bank account. It provides FDIC insurance as Chime is under Bancorp bank.

Pros and Cons of Chime Bank Account

  • avings account, deposit account, and spending account
  • High yield saving APY
  • Has spotMe opportunity to alert on an unnecessary purchase
  • Has early checkbook deposit for payments
  • Free of incurring fees in the transaction
  • Has FDCI insurance
  • No joint account facilities
  • Provides no loan
  • Cost fee from ATM withdrawal if you are outside of chime network

Transfer Money from Chime to Cash App

Using the Chime account is another massive advantage is you can send money all over the world and transfer money from Chime to Cash App, Netspend, Western Union. First of all, log in to your chime account through phone or laptop.

Now, click on the ‘transfer money section. Give the amount you want to move or send to Cash App. Then click the ‘proceed’ option, and this will require some information like account number, name, email id, the setting number.

After providing this information, just click on the ‘pay button. Now, you will see money automatically moved to Cash App if your data is correct.

Transfer money from PayPal to Cash App

It is effortless to transfer money from PayPal to Cash App. But you can’t directly move money from PayPal to Cash App, but you can transfer money through connecting both accounts debit cards. First, you need to follow some simple processes.

Connect PayPal to Cash App Bank Account

First of all, you need to activate your Cash app debit card or PayPal debit card. Now collect account number and routing number from bank app of Cash App or PayPal account. Then add your account in Cash App or PayPal App as a new account. Now, you can transfer funds from PayPal to Cash App. For double-check, send a small amount first.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)


It is a matter of a couple of minutes to transfer money from PayPal to chime in this busy timeYou need to go through the above instructions and move your money from PayPal to chime quickly. The most exciting part is, it takes no cost to transfer or move your money. Although, the amount should not cross the limit.

Once all procedure is done, you can enjoy all the facilities of Chime, including sending money to friends without charge, good saving APY, early deposit checkbook, spotME debit purchase, and so on. But it is also necessary to check on your account access as a third person doesn’t get it.