How Can I Transfer Money from Cash App to PayPal

In this era of the electronic money market, the two most popular names in money transfer methods are PayPal and the Cash App. Money transactions with these methods are simple and secure. But to send money to PayPal from Cash App, people sometimes face trouble.

So, today I will introduce an easy and effective solution to transfer money from Cash App to PayPal. Let’s have a look. The e-money market is now a billion-dollar market and growing so fast day by day.

People are now spontaneous in sending and receiving money electronically because of its security and easy method. Moreover, electronic money made it easy to make payments and take payments for individuals and businesses.

What is Cash App?

Cash App is an online money transfer service based on the mobile app. You can send and receive money via Cash App. Cash App provides its service in the US and the UK. They have recorded 36 million active users from the report on March 21, 2021.

You can connect your Cash App with a bank account for money transactions. Cash app provides their customer debit cards that you can use at an ATM for cash out. You can invest in the stock market and Bitcoin through the app.

Square, Inc, developed the Cash App. It was launched on October 15, 2013.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is an electronic money transaction company that allows you to get and send payments online. It is an American company providing online payment services in most countries that support online money transactions.

Since 1998, Paypal has been serving customers to make payments online. You can pay online via PayPal instead of credit card, keeping your payment information encrypted from merchants.

PayPal has credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, digital credit lines, and interest-free installment services. Along with PayPal, you can check more reloadable prepaid cards with no fees.

You can convert PayPal credit to cash in your linked bank account. One question that remains here is, Is PayPal free to use? The answer is, creating a PayPal account is free, and there are no fees for making purchases online, but PayPal cut fees for certain types of transactions.

How to Get a Cash App Card?

You can quickly get a Cash App debit card from your phone. Follow the steps:

  • From your app, tap on the cash card icon.
  • Tap on “Get free cash card.”
  • You can choose a color for your cash card from here.
  • Choose whether to show the account’s $cashtag (serve as your username) on the card.
  • Tap on “customize” to sign on the card.
  • Enter your address with first name and last name.
  • Check the details you provided. Read terms and conditions and click on “continue” to order the card.

After confirming the order, you should get your Cash App card within 10 days.

Does Cash App work with PayPal?

The Cash App doesn’t work with PayPal at this time as they have no collaboration. Cash App accepts debit and credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. But you can make a transaction between the Cash App and PayPal using your bank account as a via. It’s easy.

Can I Transfer Money from Cash App to PayPal Directly?

No. You can’t transfer money from the Cash App to PayPal directly. But, there is a way of cash transferring from the Cash App to PayPal using your bank account. Send money from your Cash App to your bank account, then add money to your PayPal account from your bank account.

How To Transfer Money From Cash App To PayPal Account?

As there is no direct transaction between the Cash App and PayPal, you have to follow the following steps to transfer money from the Cash App to PayPal.

1. Get Your Cash App Account and Routing Numbers

To get a Cash App account, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Cash App on your smartphone from the play store or app store.
  • To sign up, you need a phone number and email id. Provide the necessary information required.
  • Select an option to get a verification code. The C will send a verification code to your phone number or email ID.
  • Verify your account by entering the code.
  • After verification, you can add a bank account immediately or skip it and do it at your convenient time.
  • Choose a $cashtag. Cashtag is the unique identifier of every cash app user. With this $cashtag, you can send or get money. $cashtag contains at least one letter and a maximum of 20 characters.

After completing signup in your Cash App account, you can now do your transfer money using account and routing number.

Getting your routing number is essential to get the Cash App direct deposit. You need to activate your cash card to find your routing number. After activating the Cash card, now follow these steps:

  • Tap on the “Banking” tab on the Cash App home screen.
  • Tap on the “routing and account number” below your balance, and you will see your routing number and account number.
  • You can copy your account and routing number using the copy option.
  • Use routing number where you need.

2. Link a Bank Account to Your Cash App Account

To transfer money from the Cash App to PayPal, you need to link a bank account to your Cash App. To add a bank account to your cash app, follow the following steps:

  • Navigate the “Banking” tab on the Cash App home screen.
  • Tap on “Add bank” and select bank.
  • Provide the bank account details and confirm it.

Now you are ready to transfer money to your bank account from the Cash App.

Sometimes you may need to modify your linked bank account. To modify your connected bank account, follow the steps:

  • From the Cash App home screen, click on the “Banking tab.”
  • From this window, tap on “linked accounts.”
  • Click on the account you want to modify.
  • Now you can remove a bank account, or you can replace.

3. Transfer money from Cash App Card to Bank Account

Transferring money from a Cash App to your linked bank account is easy. Follow the steps:

  • Open Cash App on your smartphone.
  • Then tap on your total balance in the bottom left corner.
  • Now you will see a window with your total cash balance and the “Cash out” tab.
  • Click on the “Cash out” tab (Make sure you have already linked your bank account).
  • Then you will see a pop-up window with an available cash-out balance (Minimum cashout $10) and cash-out options (Standard and Instant).
  • You can select standard cash-out (need 1-3 business days), which is free. If you need urgent cash-out, choose an instant cashout that requires a fee shown on the pop-up window. It cuts 1.5% fees (with minimum fees $0.25).
  • Just click on your chosen cash-out option, and it’s done.

4. Transfer Money Bank Account to PayPal

The last step of transferring money from the Cash App to PayPal mobile cash. Follow the steps to do it successfully.

  • Log in to your PayPal account on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the “Transfer Money” option.
  • In this window, you will get a “Add money to your balance” option. Click on it.
  • You will see an amount box there. Enter the amount you want to transfer from the bank to PayPal.
  • Below the “Amount box” on that window, there is an “Add” tab at the bottom. Click on “Add”
  • Finally, you will get a review of the details of the transaction. Here, Click on “Add $” to finish the transfer process. Then the balance will be added to your PayPal account. There are no fees when adding money from your bank account.

Now, adding money to your PayPal account from the Cash App process is successful. After adding money to your Paypal account from your bank account, you will get a confirmation message to your email from Paypal.

Your bank also will send you a message of the transaction details to your phone. Now you can use your PayPal account where you want to spend. You may need to Transfer Money From One Debit Card To Another Online also. Just click on the link.

Frequently Ask Questionas (FAQs)

Bottom line:

This is all you wish to grasp to transfer money from the Cash App to PayPal. But, unfortunately, there is no direct way of sending money from the Cash app to PayPal as there is no collaboration between them.

But there is the best possible way to use your bank as a bridge between the Cash App and PayPal for transferring money.

The most secure and easy way is described above in a constructive way for you. I hope this will be helpful for you.