The 9 Best Reloadable Prepaid Cards With No Fees

Are you frustrated with not having a debit card or credit card? If you are looking for the best option of the debit card or credit card then a reloadable prepaid card maybe your desired item. You can use reloadable prepaid cards like a debit card and buy anything you want.

When your prepaid card balance is finished you can easily reload as you need and there is no fee. The surprising facet use of a reloadable prepaid with no fees is you can get it without a bank account and do not need to connect it to your bank account.

Without an affluent banking history, you will be able to use a reloadable prepaid card but you must be careful to make payments. Using a reloadable prepaid card is really a good decision but there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a reloadable prepaid card as not all reloadable prepaid cards are without fees.

Therefore, for your convenience and time saving, we have listed the top 9 reloadable prepaid cards for which there is no charge. Our detailed discussion on how reloadable prepaid cards work without fees and why you have these reloadable prepaid cards to choose your best and what are the benefits. So, continue your reading and pick your best one.

What Is Reloadable Prepaid Card?

A reloadable prepaid card is a payment method that you can use as a debit card and allow you to make payments in your daily life. You may pay for gas, clothing, groceries, take paid online support from any online platform, etc.

However, you must burden it with cash if you use it to make payments online. Almost all banking companies, such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, offer reloadable prepaid cards. The whole process could look simple, but you must be careful and read the rules and regulations before acquiring one.

In the case of work, some prepaid cards require seven working days to activate, including the annual fee, while some aren’t. There are many prepaid debit cards with no monthly payments, and you can withdraw money at an ATM, make transactions, get rewards, and so on.

How Does Reloadable Prepaid Card Work?

Prepaid cards vary widely due to the functions and differences in financial companies. But, they tend to have these standard features below:

Reload Options

The reloading option allows you to add money to a card in multiple ways, such as setting up direct deposits, loading cash and deposit checks at ATMs. Some cards enable making online transactions using their official app from a smartphone.

ATM Access

Some prepaid cards have nationwide free access to ATM networks such as AllPoint, MoneyPass, or a branded bank network.


Many prepaid cards require activation fees, making deposits, and using out-of-network ATMs. But we recommend you consider those prepaid cards with no monthly payments, and you can get an instant debit card online.

Amount limits

Some prepaid cards firmly maintain the transaction amounts. You can not crossover their given parts. If you need to pay somewhere more money, then contact your card provider online. Above all, you can reload, spend even, withdraw your ATM money without getting any complications.

How To Get A Reloadable Prepaid Card With No Fees?

You can easily get reloadable prepaid cards with no fees and you do not need a bank account. We’ll discuss the top 9 prepaid card provider companies where you may get your card to use.

Some cards may require your identification document such as; passport, driving license, and so on with your PIN code. Also, link up your phone number, email address so you can get notifications while you pay.

What Is Different Between Reloadable Prepaid Card And Debit Card?

A reloadable prepaid card is not linked to a bank account. This kind of card has no link with a bank account, so the only way to use it is to load money in advance before using it. You’re not allowed to use even a single cent more than your loaded fund.

In most cases, you can’t spend more money than you loaded onto your prepaid card. Using a debit card, you can overspend more than you load onto your credit card is linked to your bank account with enough funds.

Using a debit card linked to your bank account you can transfer money from one debit card to another. You may charge a transaction fee on every payment, and an ATM fee on your money withdraw. Also, your bank may require to pay the overdraft.

Is Reloadable Prepaid Card And Reloadable Gift Card Same?

Reloadable prepaid cards are technically debit cards issued by a financial company or best credit card company– MasterCard, Visa. The Regular prepaid cards have a unique number with the expiration date printed on the back or front side. To use this card, you’ve to load it with money.

Once the balance on your card gets empty, the card is worthless. However, the reloadable prepaid cards with no fee hold the top position among all classes of people. Because you no need to pay the extra money, no need to pay the annual fee, load it with your money when it is necessary for you, and use it- simple.

On the contrary, reloadable gift cards are also stored valued loaded cards with funds. Once the sum is spent down, you can’t use this gift card anymore. Moreover, gift cards also have expiration dates which are pretty shorter than reloadable prepaid cards.

What Can I Use Reloadable Prepaid Cards For?

Say, we can use reloadable prepaid cards to purchase anything which accepts the card, a way of payment. Also, prepaid cards are great for vacations and emergency uses. For instance, if you travel anywhere far from your home and don’t want to lose your debit card, you can take your reloadable prepaid card to make the payment you wish to.

As we said earlier, you can buy anything online where a credit card is accepted as a payment method. Also, you can buy a subscription from many well-renowned platforms for your and your family’s entertainment.

How Do I Add Money To A Reloadable Prepaid Card?

You can add your money to your reloadable prepaid card in several ways and can do:

  1. You add funds to your prepaid card using the reload pack.
  2. Arrange regular payment or a paycheck payment to send directly onto the card.
  3. You can make transactions and send or receive money from your people you know.
  4. Also, you can add funds to specific retail locations which provide the card. It could be a financial company even.

How To Withdraw Money From A Reloadable Prepaid Card?

Many financial companies offer reloadable prepaid cards with no fees, and you can withdraw your funds following few options:

  1. You can use ATM to withdraw your money; some cards offer no charges on money withdrawal.
  2. To purchase anything from Walmart, you can swipe your prepaid card or insert it. Ask them, and they’ll give you the cash right there. However, prepaid cards may charges transaction fees on every payment you make.

9 Best Reloadable Prepaid Card With No Fees:

Now we will discuss the top 9 best-prepaid cards which are reloadable but require no fees. Any of the cards we’ve listed is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable prepaid card with convenient features and filling up your needs.

1. NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card:

The NetSpend Visa prepaid card is one of the best reloadable prepaid cards with no fees and you can get a free Visa card without any bank account. You don’t need to be concerned about activation fees, overdraft fees, and even minimum balances using this card.

Because it allows us to manage our funds with ease and load money onto the card via checks or direct deposit, interestingly, this card insured by the FDIC means it’s safe to make transactions and make payments online. The NetSpend company makes its business policy easy for its customers regarding card replacement if it is necessary.

2. American Express Bluebird:

We highly recommend the American Express Bluebird prepaid debit card that offers plenty of benefits to its users. This company never charges any annoying fees and is an excellent option for parents who want to teach their kids financial management skills.

And it never allows you to go into the negative balance. You can load this prepaid card with money via money transfers, checks, and direct deposit. It gives notifications to users when the amount of funds is about to empty.

Also, you can withdraw your money into cash at any MoneyPass ATM anywhere. However, some extra perks from your card may charge a small fee.

3. PayPal Prepaid Master Card:

If you’re looking for reloadable prepaid cards with no fees, then you consider the PayPal prepaid MasterCard. This card is quick and easy to use, and therefore, millions of people use PayPal mostly in online transactions.

PayPal has dominated the present online banking sector and offers effective technology with ultra protection. You can use this card easily if you’ve got a PayPal account. If you’re new, then signup in online to the PayPal website. This card provides many benefits to its users, such as cashback offers, hot deals, etc.

4. Brinks Prepaid MasterCard:

If you need a prepaid debit card quickly, which also offers quick activation, try the Brinks Prepaid MasterCard. What you’ve to do is load money onto your prepaid card using direct deposit. Then you can spend it wherever you want.

Amazingly, this company provides an excellent mobile application which we can use to make payments and transactions. Moreover, their cards are generally insured by the FDIC means we can feel safe when we’ll use their cards to make payments online.

Having the FDIC feature, your finance secret information will remain secure. You can take this card without paying any money, and you save your money there.

5. Fifth Third’s Access 360° Prepaid Debit Card:

The Fifth Third’s Access 360° Prepaid Debit Card would be an excellent pick for you because it offers not a single coin to get this card. However, you must be careful because it charges $4 monthly. But you’ve two options to waive this fee: deposit $500 for a minimum onto the card in a month or open a checking account with Fifth Third.

You don’t need to worry about activation or inactivity fees using this card. One of the most excellent features that got my mind is that you’re allowed to have joint owners, making this card more convenient for parents and their children.

6. Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card:

You can enjoy the flexibility of the Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card with maximum funds of $10,000. Using this card, you can spend your funds limitlessly at Starbucks. You’re allowed to use their prepaid card anywhere where Visa accepts as a method of payment.

Starbucks never charges fees from their users on monthly subscriptions, activation, or inactivity fees. If you use this card regularly, you can link this card to your Starbucks Rewards account to get huge rewards on your payments.

However, the downside of using this card is, you’re not allowed to make your funds cash from ATMs. If you use their card outside of the US, they’ll charge a 3% fee, depending on the amount of your money. That’s why we never recommend our readers to take this card while you go for a vacation somewhere far from your home.

7. Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card:

The Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card is one of the best reloadable prepaid cards with no fees, and people love to use it. You can withdraw your money from any ATM where Visa cards are accepted using their cards.

Additionally, it’s very convenient to access it online by managing your card. Interestingly, you can use your account using Movo mobile app. This app is user-friendly, and it allows us to add or transfer money to anyone from our prepaid card account via direct deposit or PayPal.

Overall, this card requires no fees, but you must be conscious while using this card regularly. However, if you don’t use this card for three months, the Movo company will charge you a $4.95 monthly fee till you resume using your card.

8. Wells Fargo Easy Pay Prepaid Card:

The Wells Fargo Easy Pay Prepaid Card is one of the best convenient prepaid cards. It’s a Visa-branded debit card, which means you can use it to purchase anything and make payments online where Visa debit cards are accepted.

This EasyPay Card also offers free direct deposits and bank account transfers and sends notifications on every payment and policy update like other prepaid cards. This company provides its official mobile application for Apple and Android device users.

Using this app, you can check transaction history, deposit checks to the card, and set alert preferences. Wells Fargo provides extended fraud protection against unauthorized use of the card. However, they require no activation fee but a regular charge of $5 a month. Also, it never charges transaction fees or an inactivity fee.

9. WeSwap MasterCard:

The WeSwap MasterCard is an excellent prepaid debit card that we can get to use with no fees. But, you must be careful about how to use it. Otherwise, you’ve to find extra money.

Using this prepaid card allows us to add funds quickly and easily free of charge via checks and direct deposits. You can also make free withdrawals even, as much as the amount is at least $200.

You can take this card while traveling, and their cards are accepted in more than 180 countries. It means you can store your money in 18 different currencies. However, it can cost you on making instant conversions.

Bottom Line:

Debit cards and prepaid cards are not the same things, but they have similar functions. If you’re looking for reloadable prepaid cards with no fees, then you pick the prepaid card. You can use purchase items online using your prepaid card, and it doesn’t require having any bank account.

To avoid extra spending, you can consider our picked credit card providers, which are overall suitable for anyone. However, make sure your demands before choosing one of them and what’s your plan on using a prepaid card for.