How To Buy Green Dot MoneyPak Online With Credit Card

Buy Green Dot MoneyPak online is a method of taking hard cash and digitizing it. The Green Dot Company offers their clients to use this service. It allows us to send and receive money as well as reload bank debit cards and prepaid cards. Now the question may come to your mind how to buy Green Dot MoneyPak online with credit card? We will break down this in the article, but you can not use it to load cash into your PayPal account.

People prefer MoneyPak because it’s comparatively safe to make transactions online. Moreover, you don’t need to link it with your bank account, nor does it contain any credit card numbers.

If you never used this service before but are interested in using this way for money transactions, you can read this article thoroughly. In this article, we’ll cover up almost every important point regarding the Green Dot MoneyPak service.

How To Buy Green Dot MoneyPak Online

How To Use Green Dot MoneyPak?

The MoneyPak is available in more than 50,000 locations in the United States. These locations include Office Depot/OfficeMax, CVS, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. You must visit the website before you start using their service.

You can read this blog carefully if it is your first time and click deposit to the card. However, transfer money from Green Dot to PayPal isn’t possible. If it’s your first time, click deposit to the card, and follow through a few steps.

You can take your MoneyPak account number from the backside of your MoneyPak package. Now, enter the reloadable card where you want to add funds and create an account. Hence, log in to your account and MoneyPak card numbers. You can use this service Green Dot cards near me. If you want to give money to someone, you can do it using their card.

How To Buy Green Dot MoneyPak Online With Credit Card?

Green Dot MoneyPaks can be purchased at various retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, and 7-Eleven. You can also purchase them online at the Green Dot website using a debit card or credit card. To buy a MoneyPak online:

  1. Go to the Green Dot website and click on the “Buy a MoneyPak” button.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to purchase and select “Add to Cart”
  3. Enter your debit or credit card information and billing address.
  4. Review the terms and conditions and click on “Submit Order”
  5. Print out the confirmation page or write down the confirmation number.

You can also purchase a MoneyPak from the official website of Green Dot. You can get more than three MoneyPak accounts and load between $20 to $500 use your credit card in every MoneyPak account. However, only hand cash is allowed to purchase MoneyPak.

Where Can I Purchase A Green Dot MoneyPak?

Green Dot MoneyPak service is available nationwide in the United States. You can buy Green Dot MoneyPak online at thousand of retailers such as; CVS, 7-Eleven, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and many more. You can scratch off the MoneyPak account’s number on the backside of the package to get started.

Of course, you should check the eligibility with other requirements. Create a new account if you’ve never used this service ever before. In this step, you must submit all of the required information for verification purposes. It’s a straightforward procedure, and you may need to provide any valid US identification card, such as a driving license or passport, or national ID card.

Then follow the following instructions to add your bank debit card or prepaid card and make your deposit. Don’t forget; your prepaid card must be personalized with your name as a cardholder. Credit cards are automatically saved to the profile to make quick and easy loads in the future.

How Much Is A Green Dot MoneyPak?

You should be aware of the fees of using MoneyPak. You can purchase a MoneyPak from $20 to $500 for a fee of $5.95. This fee will be the same regardless of how much money you load onto MoneyPak. For instance, if you need to load more than $500, you can buy more than one MoneyPak in a single day.

You can make up to six deposits a day using your bank debit card for $1000 and eight deposits in a week, ten deposits in a month. Ten deposits in a week possibly well over $1500, whereas $3000 in a month with fifteen deposits. Whether you use your MoneyPak or not, you’ll be charged $5.95 every month.

Can I Add Money To MoneyPak Online With A Credit Card Or Debit Card?

The simple answer is no, and you can buy Green Dot MoneyPak online but, you can’t add funds using your credit or debit card. MoneyPak accepts many payment methods. However, if you’re looking to purchase a MoneyPak, make sure to have cash on you.

Because MoneyPak only accepts a direct cash system using this payment method. However, you won’t be able to purchase MoneyPak with your checking account, debit card, credit card, PayPal, or anything other than cash.

Likewise, you visit your nearest store to purchase a MoneyPak to reload a card. You can not pay funds for online accounts, pay bills, even add money to PayPal using the Green Dot MoneyPak. To load money online, check out the GreenDot register.

Can I Load MoneyPak By Phone?

There are many ways you can load your MoneyPak account and using mobile to reload GreedDot MoneyPak with your prepaid debit card is one of the most popular options. To reload MoneyPak by the smartphone you need to register on the GreenDot MoneyPak website and verify your mobile phone.

Once you verify your phone on the MoneyPak website GreenDot allows you to reload your MoneyPak account by phone. When you need to load the MoneyPak account you have to provide your valid debit cards information such as card number and cc number. Now you can see your desired amount will be added to your MoneyPak account.

It is important to remember that MoneyPak doesn’t allow to use with a temporal debit card. Therefore, you must have a permanent debit card. If you already purchased a debit card recently, you must wait for the permanent card to come into your mailbox. To have a personalized MoneyPak account, you can have a debit card loaded with the funds based on your needs.

You can buy green dot MoneyPak online, which has an association with the Green Dot Company and goes hand-in-hand with the MoneyPak account. You can order a Green Dot card in person or in online. As of April 2011, the 7-Eleven sell, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, and Kmart Rite Aid, including many providers, offer Green Dot prepaid cards.

If you want to order your MoneyPak account online, you don’t need to pay a fee. However, to purchase in person, you must pay $4.95 for the temporary card. One thing to be noted, if you want to purchase a MoneyPak, you must complete the registration at that time.

You need to enter the 16 digits number of your temporary card to complete the registration procedure during that time. You will then receive a three-digit security verification code onto your personal information, such as; your full name, billing/mailing address, and social security number.

Activate your personalized credit card before you start using it. Once it gets activated, you can quickly and easily transfer funds to your friends and family from the temporary card.

How To Cash Green Dot MoneyPak?

You can make your MoneyPak account funds to cash using its number. It’s safe to make transactions using the MoneyPak service; even you can make cash whenever you want. But bear in mind that the transactions cannot get back.

For this reason, you should give a number to a trusted recipient. Once the MoneyPak is lost, there is no way to recover your funds. The Green Dot Corporation is not responsible for the non-receipt of any services or goods online.

Don’t send the funds before paying the merchant, and never send an email to the MoneyPak number directly. Never use your MoneyPak number regarding lottery winnings, grants, or any other offer that require you to pay first before getting something back.

Bottom Line

Using MoneyPak would be better if you don’t prefer to use these services which record the credit or debit card numbers. MoneyPak provides express service, and you can buy green dot MoneyPak online, which requires no fee at all.

MoneyPak recommends using only their services to send and receive funds from the people you know. The MoneyPak is available all over the US like Family Dollar, CVS, Office Depot/Office Max, Rite Aid, Pick ‘n save, and many more.

Overall, we recommend you have the MoneyPak servicers if you make your credit or debit card information more secure and make quick and ultra-secure transactions when necessary.