9 Best Contactless Debit Cards for Personal Use

Based on our current situation, a contactless debit card is the best and quickest medium for purchasing in markets or online shops. Nowadays, people are more concerned about cleanliness as cash or card paying option is not safe anymore. Therefore, people choose contactless debit cards for their personal use over traditional payment mediums.

You can convert your regular credit, debit, ATM card, smart card, or another purchase medium into a contactless debit card if your bank has that option. Even you can go for an online debit card option and get your contactless debit card.

Check our link – how to get an instant debit card online. It is no longer a time-consuming issue to get a contactless debit card anymore. You can get your contactless debit card anytime online within a few minutes.

Now you can choose the best contactless debit card out of nine different contactless debit options according to your spending way.

What is A Contactless Debit Card?

A contactless debit card is the quickest and safest way to pay shopping bills, and no need to use cash, a regular payment card, or a credit card for your purchase payment. It is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology payment option that you can use without physical contact.

You can see a device or machine near the payment section to use your contactless debit card in shops. It is not so complicated to use at all. You need to swipe your card from a specific distance, and your payment will be made.

It is best for your safety issue as you don’t need to touch cash or a payment device. Many people nowadays prefer contactless debit cards over other payment methods.

How Contactless Debit Card Works?

In a contactless debit card, there is a system called Radio Frequency Identification in short RFID. You can swipe your contactless debit card, the payment machine or device collects card pins or Information through radio frequency.

When you go near a contactless debit machine or device, you will see a sign like wifi. You have to swipe your card, and a signal will transmit from your card to the machine. After the system accepts the access, You will see a green light and a sound like ‘beep’ once or twice. Thus a contactless debit card works in shops or markets.

How to Get A Contactless Debit Card?

If you want a contactless debit card, you need to contact your bank or credit card service care center. At first, you need to know if your service has that contactless option or not. Then apply to get a contactless debit card. In your debit card, you will see a symbol like a wave or a field in the front or back part of your debit card.

If there is any, then it is a contactless debit card. Then you need to know that contactless payment option is enabled or not. If not, then I will need to wait for a couple of days to work. Thus, you will get a contactless debit card.

How to Use A Contactless Debit Card?

All contactless debit card works, in the same way, doesn’t matter which bank’s debit card you use. First, go to the payment section or merchant terminal. Then look into your contactless debit card and contactless device to see the four curved lines is pop-up.

Then swipe your contactless card at a 2-3 inch distance from the machine. You will see a green signal and a beep sound. That’s how you will use a contactless debit card.

Advantages of The Contactless Debit Card

There are different types of debit cards and credit cards offered by the bank for their customers such as prepaid debit cards, reloadable prepaid cards, and 0% APR credit cards for the balance transfer. In these business days, a contactless debit card is an essential need over cash or regular debit, credit, or ATM card.

Most of the merchants and retail places in big malls prefer contactless debit cards. It is beneficial where it comes to safety issues. Moreover, its process timing is so quick that people like the contactless card to avoid time-consuming problems.

Advantages of Contactless Debit Cards

  • It is the fastest and easiest medium to make payments and shopping.
  • You can make significant transactions in a couple of seconds without any issue.
  • It is beneficial in big retail shopping malls or markets to avoid crowds in payment lines. As payments are made within seconds, thus there is no issue creating a big queue in the payment section.
  • Even you make withdrawal money from ATM with a contactless card. So, no need to worry about cash, as a contactless card has a money withdrawal option.
  • It has a one-time security pin that generates a system that ensures privacy regarding money transactions during payment.
  • There is no way to get charged twice during payment for the same bill. A contactless debit card machine will charge money once from your card during payment.

How to Use A Contactless Debit Card at ATM?

You can use a contactless debit card ATM only if that ATM belongs to your bank. You can withdraw money from ATM with a contactless debit card by swiping up. First, see the symbol pop-up in your contactless debit card and then see where you need to swipe your card in the ATM.

Then swipe the card and see if there is any signal. This means your request is approved, and you will hear a beep sound. Nowadays, many top-ranked banks have this facility for the customer.

Is a Contactless Debit Card Worthy of Having?

Yes, it is worth having a contactless debit card. You can payment things with a contactless debit card faster than regular credit, debit, or smart cards. Thus, POS average timing was reduced due to contactless debit cards.

In addition, there is no PIN or code issue during your shopping or payment. Even you can use the contactless card in your ATM booth to withdraw money without using a PIN. Most importantly, there is tension to have cash or have change for payment during shopping.

How do You Know if Your Debit Card is Contactless?

If your debit or credit card has a sign or symbol like wave or field, it is a contactless debit card. But you need to check whether it is enabled or disabled. Then, contact your bank to know your card is active. If your card is not working yet, request to activate a contactless card. Once your card is activated, you can purchase or pay with it at retail shops or markets.

Are Most of Debit Cards Contactless?

Well, in the USA most banks have contactless card facilities. It is the fastest and easiest way to purchase goods and payments in shopping also, this is a future-based investment among the banks and merchant companies. People are getting used to contactless cards day by day.

In fact, in many areas and merchants accept contactless cards for payment. About 60% to 65% of banks in all over the top countries have contactless card programs. Brands and retails at 80% in the USA accept contactless debit card payments. Even in this situation, most people take contactless debit cards due to their safety concerns.

The most attractive part of the contactless debit card is you don’t need to pay for shopping with cash anymore. That’s the reason most debit cards are now available as contactless cards.

Contactless Debit Card Limit Per Day?

There is no specific limit to purchasing goods with contactless debit cards. But sometimes, if you make payments with a contactless debit card unlimited time, then your bank may block the card for that day. Usually, they do such restrictions to stop any scam or fraud alert.

You can purchase goods or go shopping with a contactless debit card multiple times. But make sure your payments times don’t look weird to your credit card issuer, like too many accesses at a time. Overall, there is no limit purchase based on per day.

Are Contactless Debit Cards Prepaid?

Yes, contactless debit cards are prepaid. You can reload cards monthly for a small fee. Some banks provide fee-cost prepaid facilities.

People can enjoy the bank with a postpaid credit card option. Customers need to clear bills within 12 month contact. In addition, they will need a good credit score and history to have the postpaid facility for debit cards.

Disadvantages of the Contactless Debit Card

Despite all the contactless debit card benefits, there are some demerits of using a contactless debit card. Here are the disadvantages of the contactless debit card –

  • Some banks may fix the transaction limit. In some banks, the transaction limit through contactless cards is $100. At the same time, some banks set the limit to $150.
  • Despite making so much security in contactless debit cards, there can be a scam on the contactless card. If a contactless card is misplaced once, anyone can use it without pin or code access. However, every technology has this security issue.
  • If your credit score history is bad, you might not get a contactless credit card.
  • Many retailers or merchants don’t have contactless card payment options.

9 Best Contactless Debit Cards

Bank of America

Bank of America has a contactless debit card facility. You can get a contactless debit with an application. Once your request gets approved, it will take a couple of days to come to a new contactless debit card.

Bank of America provides this contactless card system due to its fast and quick payment service. Many merchants and retailers prefer this system over a traditional card and cash payments.

American Express

American Express provides contactless debit card facilities to customers. You can replace your old debit card with a contactless debit card and need to call or mail to request for contactless debit card. You will get a new card with a contactless chip with a few days. American Express also provides a 0% APR credit card for the balance.

Capital One

In 2017, Capital One first introduced its contactless debit card system. As a result, you can exchange Capital One Venture Rewards credit card, Capital One Venture One Credit Card, and other cards with contactless debit cards.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo enables contactless cards with Wells Fargo Visa Signature, Wells Fargo Rewards, Wells Fargo Rebate, and Wells Fargo Home Rebate Visa Signature cards.


Nowadays, Discover also has a contactless debit card system. You can apply for a new Contactless debit card over your current card. If your current credit-debit card expires, Discover will exchange it for a new contactless debit card.


Citi also offers you a contactless debit card over an existing debit card. In addition, you can call customer service and request a contactless card.


Chase declared a contactless debit card system along with visa cards to replace all existing cards. In 2018, Chase first launched this new technology.

NYC Mellon

NYC Mellon bank has a contactless card system with a Debit EMV chip for the quickest payment transaction.

US bank

US bank provides a contactless card system over existing cards. They will replace contactless debit cards as renewal options with an expired credit card.

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A contactless debit card is an innovative and promising way to purchase this modern culture in the above discussion. A contactless debit card is easy to carry for shopping or e-commerce purchase.

If you are bored and feel time-consuming purchasing with an old debit, credit card, or smart card, then a contactless debit card is the best alternative. Overall, the contactless card is going to be the most demanded payment option shortly.