9 Best Credit Cards for Small Business With No Credit

If you recently started a small business, you have to struggle hard to get a business credit card with no credit. Many people also have the same problem and want to get credit cards for small businesses with no credit. So that they can run their business efficiently and use credit cards for transaction money whatever they want. In the modern age, you can get various advantages with credit card use and enjoy the freedom of payments.

Nowadays, many banks offer different credit cards for their account holders. If you are a business or recently started your business, you can also get a credit card with no credit. As a new business owner, you may try your best to support money for your business, and new credit cards are the best option. If you do not have enough credit scores then also you can apply for the guaranteed approval credit cards.

So, let’s start with the main topic: best credit cards for small businesses with no credit and which credit cards are the best for you.

What Should You Consider Before Getting a Business Credit Card With No Credit?

Banks offer different types of credit cards for their users with various features. What types of credit cards are the best for your business, and what should you consider before getting a new credit card?

Easy to Apply and Use

First of all, you have to consider which credit card application process is easy and which credit you can use quickly and get the best benefits to get your business credit card within a short time and use this credit card to fund your small business.

0% Intro APR Periods

When you choose any business credit card, you should consider 0% intro APR periods to get more benefits from your credit card. If you use 0% intro APR credit cards, you do not have to pay the credit card interest at a particular time. Interestingly, you can extend your 0% intro APR periods to use a minimum amount of money and pay the credit card payment on time.

Do Not Need Any Security Deposit

You should choose your business credit cards that do not need any security deposit and do not need to pay any money for your credit card. These credit cards help your small business instant financing, which is needed for a new business.

High Credit Limit

Everyone wants to get a high credit limit credit card, and this is another essential thing you should consider. When you use a high credit limit business credit card, you can use the maximum amount of money, which is most important for small businesses.

Welcome Bonuses

Many credit card companies offer welcome bonuses for new users, and you may want to get the reward. So, when choosing a business credit card, check whether they provide a welcome bonus or not. I think you should not miss the opportunity.

Best Credit Cards for Small Business

If you follow this previous point to choose a credit card, you can easily pick your desired business credit card. You can also check the best credit cards list below and select your best business credit card.

01. American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card

In the modern age, most people want to get a credit card, and if you are starting a new business, then American Express Blue Business Cash Card may be your first choice. This card is best for no annual fee and a $250 intro offer with 1-2% cashback.

02. American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card

American Express payment card service offers another best credit card for small businesses called Blue Business Credit Card. You can enjoy 0% annual fees and 15000 0%intro points with 1x-2x reward points. So American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card is another best option.

03. Capital One Spark Cash Plus

Capital One Bank offers the best business credit card for small business owners, and you can go with Capital One Spark Cash Plus Credit Card. You can get 2% flat-rate cashback and 0% intro offers up to $1000, but you have to pay a $150 annual fee.

04. Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

If you are looking for no annual fee and the best cashback offer, then Ink Business Cash Credit Card will be the best business credit card for you. This credit card offers 1%-2% cashback with no annual fee. Moreover, you can also get a $750 intro offer.

05. The Business Platinum Card® from American Express

American Express offers another one of the best credit cards for small businesses so that you can increase your business cash flow. You will get 0% intro APR for 12 months from the starting day with Business Platinum Card. You can also earn a 120000 point reward when you spend $15000 eligible purchase in 3 months.

​​06. Wells Fargo Business Secured Card

If you are looking for the best business credit cards, then Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card would be your favorite one. You will get 1.5% cashback on qualifying purchases when you apply for this card. This credit card also offers zero annual fees, and you can also get 1000 points when you spend $1000 in your billing cycle.

07. Capital One® Spark® Classic for Business

Capital One Spark Classic is another one of the best business credit cards that you can choose. This credit card offers 1% cashback on each purchase and no annual fee. Capital One Spark Credit Card also helps build your personal and business credit score.

08. ​​The Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

If you don’t want to pay an annual fee for your business credit card and want unlimited cash back, then Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card is the best option for you. This card also offers 0% intro APR for 12 months. So when you spend $7500 in the first three months, you will get $750 cashback. So what late this business credit card may be the best for you.

09. American Express® Business Gold Card

American Express Business Gold Card offers 4x reward points, but they have a $295 annual fee. You can also earn membership reward points and a 25% airline bonus on first class, business class, and any other class airline bonus to use this credit card. So this credit card is also the best option for business.

Who Can Get a Business Credit Card?

The business definition is changing day by day, and nowadays, you don’t need a physical store to qualify for a business credit card. You can quickly get a business credit card if you have an excellent personal or business credit score or fulfill the bank criteria.

You can apply for a business credit card if you are one of the below:

  • eBay sellers, Amazon or Etsy
  • Independent consultants and contractor
  • Freelancer
  • Self-published author

It is pretty hard to qualify for a business credit card with your low or bad credit history, but there is another opportunity that you can use a secured credit card. Obviously, you get an insufficient credit balance on a secured credit card than a business credit card, so that it is wise to build your credit score in 30 days.

What’s the Difference Between Business Credit Cards and Personal Credit Cards?

You will get more benefits from business credit cards than other credit cards. As a result, there are some differences between a business credit card and a personal credit card listed below:

  1. The significant difference is business credit cards have high credit limits, but personal credit cards have comparatively low credit balances.
  2. Business credit cards have another benefit that you can give your employees to use your business credit card. But you have to take the liabilities of your employees. On the other hand, personal credit cards don’t have the opportunity.
  3. Another difference is that business credit cards offer more bonuses and discounts than individual credit cards. Such as you can get shipping discounts from FedEx when you use business credit cards for payments.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you already know the advantages of business credit cards and how business credit cards help your business provide an extra flow of money. So always take the right decision when choosing a business credit card and decide what will give you maximum value. Also, don’t forget to check out that your business credit card helps to increase your business and personal credit score.